ok so of the things i posted yesterday, so far I have:

Sanded and re-painted all accessories that needed to be fixed.  YAY! However, they still need mod-podging, which I’m going to wait until I do the bias tape stuff b/c apparently that also needs to be dipped in something to prevent fraying, and i figure mod podge should be able to double as that.. right? right.

also what i feared kinda came true – the blue is washing out pretty quick and leaving brown hair in its place. not good, as i’d hoped for purple >.<. as a side note, i have a lot more/longer hair than i thought. 0.o i think the dye helped fill out the ends some, so that’s nice.

also kind of sewed the bottom flaps, and just finished sewing elastic into the leg holes.  still need to fold over the edge and topstitch over them, but shouldn’t take too long.

which leaves:

  • sew on snaps to bottom flaps
  • pin and sew skirting to bottom
  • sew hip roll to top’s bottom edge.
  • sew back closed, and tuck/hem edge of neck-hole
  • sew hip roll, top, skirt, and bottom all together
  • make shoulder rolls/gauzy piece.  attach both to armholes
  • make back ribbon (requires interfacing and more overcast hemming… T__T)
  • Also need to make velcro thingies to put bows on.  OH SHOOT I FORGOT TO BUY A PIN BACKING FOR THE HEART AHHH >.<!!!
  • MAKE COLLAR – requires bias tape shenanigans which is going to take forever to figure out, on top of figuring out the shape itself. also need to figure out snaps.
  • MAKE GLOVE ROLLS – this is the one thing i haven’t even attempted any mock-ups or even patterns for

At least i now have an option to leave Friday morning instead of Thursday night, which I think I’m going to take, as it gives me a few more hours.

Still need to finish hw before midnight tomorrow. yikes! >.<