T-minus ~17 hours before needing to head out to the con (assuming no sleep…):

All accessories ready to go!  (except 1 more bow and need to still figure out how to attach the heart to the other bow)

Collar, including bias tape, complete!
– I’m not actually that happy with it, and if I had time I’d probably redo it, as the bias tape ended up too close to the edge after seam allowance, and I would probably use double-sided bias tape instead next time because you can see through the top of the tape, so effectively it looks like there’s a dark stripe in the middle where the red of the collar is showing through >.<  oh well.  other than that though, i’m fairly pleased with how even my topstitching is ^.^

Also cosplay tip learned: when people say to pin something, PIN IT.  and often, PIN MORE.  it will save so much time, and much less re-do-ing/positioning. trust me.

still left:

  • shoulder rolls, glove rolls, and hip roll attachments
  • assembling all the pieces
  • make the last bow and attach

Wait is that it?! no way.  well each one will probably take a couple hours, but it actually seems doable maybe?!?!?! in the time left.

also need to pack at some point…

and do homework, due tonight. which since i’m at a stopping point, maybe i should do that now before it’s too late.