cuz it’s 1:30am, my head hurts, and i’m tried. hoping this lunchables will help wake me up but i doubt it.  speaking of which, why the heck are your pepperoni slices so freaking big now lunchables?! they used to fit perfectly on the pizza, but now (as of i think at least a year ago), they are like super-sized, so there is no way more than 2 can fit on a pizza (and w/ 2 it’s already hanging off the edges >.<), much less the 3/pizza that they have allotted of pepperoni slices.  makes no sense >.<

man. the arm sleeve things is one of the most frustrating things to figure out by far.  it’s probably also cuz i’m crunched for time, but man, it looks terrible after about 3 hours of trying to figure it out and i don’t have the time to tear it apart to redo because there’s still the other one that i have to make. >.<

definitely skimping on stuff now, and not caring nearly as much when things don’t line up. which is not good but w/e.  time’s awastin’!

things still need to do:

  • finish up one sleeve, make the other sleeve and attach.  (may finish the ends in the car tomorrow or something)
  • sew up the back finally and attach skirting/bottom to the top half
  • sew collar on
  • make glove rolls (will probably bring the ends to hand sew in the car also)
  • make back bow
  • sew velcro for both bow attachments (probably do in car tomorrow)
  • make a backing for the heart so it can attach to the front bow.
  • sew snaps onto bottom to close it (though i may very well just say screw it to that since it stays on ok anyway… thought i guess i should probably do it at some point for propriety’s sake…


oh. and yeah i need to pack. so. freaking. tired.