actually i’ve thought about this in passing a few times before, but randomly thought of it again today and thought i might as well post haha.

i don’t know whether it would be better to work off of an existing legend, or to create one’s own legend, so to speak. in terms of creating/writing etc.  i love reading books that have a new take on old characters, for example.  like for quite a while in middle/high school, i enjoyed reading arthurian legends from the perspective of morgan le fay (like mists of avalon series, or “i am morgan le fay” or “i am mordred” series, etc), and of course, the sevenwaters books are still a good favorite, as well as things like ella enchanted.  and i’ve always wanted to do a retelling of mulan’s life. but i think it would also be really cool to be able to create an entirely new world/universe, including a map of lands, or even new languages, such as xanth (which i guess is only semi-new as it’s based on florida geography), or tolkien or final fantasy and games who have their own lore and magic.

but even those usually draw from older stories or concepts, like elves, vampires, the walking dead, and other mystical creatures. i guess it’s in human nature to just recycle things with their own spin. i think at this point, it would be rather hard to come up with something completely new.  and i’ll bet establishing a whole new universe would take a lot of time.  but it would be neat.  maybe i’ll end up being like tolkien or marrillier… working on a bookverse for years and years before finally publishing around the time i’m retired… or in my case, since i probably will be about 40 by the time i START a real job, maybe it’ll be around the time when i just start being an established professor lol.