just finished watching The Land Before Time a couple hours ago… and even though I knew pretty much exactly what was going to happen at every scene, and even though it was in grainy 1990’s quality (and probably worse since the DVD was like poor quality), i still cried like a baby throughout it.  T___T  that’s what good storytelling and visuals will get you, regardless of how “old” the quality seems compared to things nowadays.

i think i identify with littlefoot a lot. always did, and apparently still do. except that littlefoot is a lot more forgiving and nice to cera than i think i could ever do to someone who rebuffed me and tried to make me look bad in front of my friends as often as she did to him.  so i guess he’s better than me. but yeah, the things he got sad about or mad about, and how he responded to a lot of things… definitely resonates with my personality.  T___T