sigh. went to the greek festival yesterday, and we watched some of the performances by the middle/high schoolers there. while it wasn’t very organized or complicated, it definitely looked fun, and it reminded me of watching movies with old English-type dances, or even like square/line dance in middle school. everyone always makes fun of these types of things nowadays, but i wish we had dances like that now instead of whatever it is ppl do at clubs now (which for the most part certainly isn’t what i would call dancing, especially here).  and it’s more inclusive of everyone, and the fact that the steps aren’t overly complicated means everyone can join in, instead of just partner dancing, which can be isolating if there’s an uneven number of people or whatever.  i’m reminded of rebecca’s wedding, where there was a “caller” who taught us irish dances and we all did them and it was super fun.

just watched some vids ppl posted after one person taught them swing. i mean, to be perfectly honest, it wasn’t great, even for the guy who taught… you could tell none of the guys really led well, though of course the guy who taught at least knew what he was trying to do and did ok.  but even that is a start i think, towards having dance parties like of old.  i guess i just wish people knew how to dance better. wasn’t that some kind of tradition back in the old days in the South? i think the also had belle of the balls and balls like the English tradition for ladies coming of age and stuff right? haha. i think auburn apparently teaches it b/c all the ppl i know so far who know a little swing and/or are teaching it have come from there, so yay auburn for that i guess haha.