man.  i’m starting to realize that recovering from a con is rather difficult.  which is even more reason to limit going to them to like once or twice a year (that is if i even continue going at all, which is a question mark at this point).  at least for the last two cons (dragon and awa), i think the recovery rate has been about a week.  as in, pretty much there is no productivity in my life for about that amount of time. which is a lot of time to lose, especially since usually before the cons for about a week or two is frantically trying to get the cosplay to come together, so there’s some more lost productivity there as well.  >.<

anyway. yesterday, forgot to mention that 1) played keyboard on worship set for like the first time at my church (well 2nd, but the 1st was a couple years ago and I don’t remember it much at all, so effectively this is like the first, and it’s certainly the first time i’ve played with another person on violin), and 2) i finally finished arah story on my 3rd character to get the 1000 point letters of commendation, and bought/evented my way up to getting the 5000 pts necessary for my 2nd large guild bank. whoo hoo! lol you can see how dichotomous my priorities are… -.-||  anyway.

voice of china is still down, which sucks cuz it’s the finale and i want to see it before it gets spoiled for me by someone >.<…. OH?! OHHHH?!?!? the other site seems to be up now?!  YESSSS!!!  i wish i could read chinese better to make sure it’s not spoiling it for me (like if i accidentally watch the winner’s clip instead of the episode or something T__T). i think this means full episode though.  YAYAYAYAY (looks like lab is gonna have to wait some more until the afternoon… lol.  guess i’m gonna be staying late today.)