wait what? are they choosing new people to be on their teams? i’m confused with the curtains at the beginning… apparently they were some sort of celebs cuz the crowd went wild when the curtains went down.

so today’s looks like there’s 10 finalists, and they randomly pick the order that they are going to send out their contestants.  the judging will be half by the judges, and half by the audience?  then the top 5 of those 10 will compete for the championships at the 鳥巢 next week. anyway, my prediction for the top 5 i guess would be: 童童, 貝貝, 李安… and i guess maybe? one of 那英’s guys, and meh, i guess maybe 大格, just based on her following, or the other of 那英’s guys (she seems to be putting a lot of stock in these two for some reason so maybe there’s something there… lol). my personal favorite/who i would like to win is 童童.

whoa! didn’t know harlem was the oldest of the bunch haha. and lol i had a feeling after harlem chose 大格, the rest would also choose girls (except of course 那英, who doesn’t have one).  poor 童童 – she’s like always had to perform first for most of her appearances haha.

大格 certainly has gotten a lot more confident. not sure how i feel about her uh.. more sultry moves now though ._.||  oh interesting. so the judges just hold up their signs if they support the singer. and then the audience gets 30 sec to vote via text (or maybe it’s a clicker type thing).  81.3 points is her final score.

童童 – oh interesting. she’s going to attempt a ballad-style song today 0.o actually got chills in some of the high parts of her song. she really is a good singer/performer. she better get a lot of votes. ahh she’s so cute hahaha.  yayyy 23/27 judges voted for her. 89.1 points whoo!

oh? 貝貝’s opting for a softer song as well.  dang.  all these girls have kind of similar strength in their voices.  she does slow songs well as well.  and also has good performance style. i still like 童童 better but we’ll see.  so far the judges agree with me. whoa the audience likes her the best so far though by a bit..  final score: 81.9 weird. i didn’t think it would be that different. i guess since there’s less judges than audience, the relative weight of each person is more important.

伯綸 isn’t someone i’d rate as within the top singers by any means, but he really does have a powerful voice once he gets going, and also very clearly puts his heart and soul into his music. good performance, and also good ending.  i also like his personality one of the best haha.  whoaa! all 10 votes for the judges in the last row! nice.  and oh, audience has 360 votes total.  aww – i can tell both are a little disappointed by the audience score, but i think it’s a bit expected.  81.8 final score.

張姝hm. i wonder if i’ve been subconsciously influenced by her looks/dress before. because she actually has a pretty strong voice as well.  oh. never mind.  actually i think i just don’t like her voice when she gets all scratchy haha. and don’t particularly like her singing style. but she does have a good voice i have to admit.  but yeah i don’t think i would rate her as highly as the others.  yikes, pretty low on the judges.  well, surprisingly, she got a couple more votes than 伯倫.  final score: 67.6 pts.

李幸倪:\ as usual her singing is really good. but for some reason i don’t feel like her performance is as memorable as a lot of the others.  she’s super sweet though.  yikes, the judges seem to agree.  whoa whoa, why are they taking all previous 5 ppl out before the others of the 10 contestants sing?  and whoa she got more than the previous 2 slightly by audience judging.  final score: 64.6  oh i see. cuz the top 5 places have already come out.  sucks that she has to say goodbye right away.  aww, all the girls are tearing up for her. T___T

黃勇 – i mean… he’s good though again, not a fan of this style of singing, and performance-wise it’s like, ok.  i think he might get better than 張姝, but don’t think he’s gonna get in the top 5.  oh yikes, even worse with the judges… 7 only >.<  yikes.  better support from the audience though (even better than 童童!) – maybe they felt bad for him and wanted to give him some support. :\  that’s nice of them if that’s the case. he’s also the first contestant to look back on the votes before the final numbers. final score: 58.8pts  aww 貝貝 and the others on his team are so sad T__T

張磊 – haha 那英 is so nervous for him.  but anyway. i don’t think voice is that special particularly, but like 伯綸, he definitely puts his all into his music.  i like his humility though.  holy crack 25/27 judges! AND a higher audience than 童童!  ahhh final score: 94.9pts.  what the heck @__@  i guess 那英 knows her stuff 0.o

as an aside, man, it would be pretty neat to be the set’s musicians. it seems like all the accompaniment is done live (maybe even the back-up singers?!). that must be fun/cool

軒轅 – looks like he likes english songs, even though his pronunciation’s not the best. singing’s alright, but good performance i guess. he might beat out 大格.  whattt, pretty high audience score too.  WHOA. 85.8. did not expect. and yeah he did beat out 大格. she had a good ending speech though.

李安 – whoo! good singing! 😀 he’s on point today (he was kinda out of tune when they did the 中秋節 special with jay chou).  he may even beat out 童童’s score, and possibly even 張磊’s – it really depends on how the judges are feeling i think. it’s gonna be pretty close.  he was a good one to go last, that’s for sure haha.  personally i think that was a winning performance if there was one. XD  he’s only 21?! what! dang.  oh interesting, i’m a little surprised – only 19 from the judges. it’s gonna come down to the audience then.  well if nothing else, i hope he gets in over 貝貝. welp he definitely got the highest audience score. whoo! final score: 84.2 pts.

so i guess i was right 4/5. not bad i guess haha.  wow poor 伯綸 though… literally 0.1 points away.  ahhh i thought it was the finals this week. looks like have to wait for another week!  but yeah, all of the teachers got someone in the top 5, with jay chou having 2 representatives.  that worked out pretty well.

ok time to go to lab.