you know what else sucks? having fruit flies flitting around and having no idea where they’re coming from.  THERE IS NO FREAKING FOOD AROUND HERE OK?! >.<  also i’ve killed like 3 of you last night… how are there still more.

it’s worse when you don’t know where they’re coming from. if you know, then you can at least throw the offending item out. when you don’t, you worry that there’s some corner of your place festering with writhing maggots among a big puddle of disgusting smelling/looking brown liquid. *shudders*. i really hope it was in something out of the 3 trash bags i happened to throw out yesterday and not something that’s still in here, b/c i really can’t imagine what it could be. >.<  and they INSIST on flying around my desk, which other than the thing of cheezits that’s been closed, really has no food around it at all. >.< GO AWAY.