when friends (or acquaintances really) go off the deep end… in self-pity, unnecessary drama, delusions, conspiracy theories, unrealistically depressive thoughts, (or even just something more minor, like the inability to do grammar or spell correctly in every single sentence ugh >.<) etc… is it ok to just let them be and ignore it under the category of “it’s not my business” or “they’re too far gone”, or is there a duty to help them?  generally i tend towards the latter, but sometimes.. it’s probably bad of me to say this, but at some point, some people seem too far gone in their own world for one to make any difference.

i guess from a christian’s standpoint, that’s when you pray.  for wisdom, patience, and love in your words/actions (and to make sure your own motivations are true and pure), and for the other to have an open heart and ears.