just realized… after trying to do a furrowed-brow angry/ready to fight face in a couple photos… i don’t think my face can do those @__@.  like… both times, my nose and brows were twitching the entire time for the shot, like what happens when you’re holding something too heavy for you and your arms start to shake. which also happens when i’m holding the broadsword lol. but yeah so i guess those muscles are SUPER weak b/c i don’t ever use them, b/c they start shaking if i try to hold the expression longer than like 1 second 0.o @___@.

also… jellal’s actually my age now, so i definitely can feel ok fangirling about him still XD i said he was 26 yesterday when talking to the guy cosplaying jellal, but actually with the 1 year time skip, he’s now 27. STILL OK TO FANGIRL. LOL i’m so lame lol T___T