whoa at the random car commercial thing they were all in at the beginning lol. and it wasn’t all of them so i wonder how they picked them… oh maybe they were all the ones cut from the top 16?

OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!!? my two favorite singers!!! both lins! are performing together WHATTT! jimmy lin and jjlin. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! can’t believe it XDDD  always wondered how cool it would be if they shared the stage. ^.^!! unfortunately this collab i’m kinda mer about T____T… probably the song choice wasn’t the best and they weren’t completely in tune/harmony at some points >.< ah well.  it’s interesting. i think jjlin’s voice overpower’s jimmy’s for the most part, which kinda makes sense – jimmy’s vocals are generally on the softer side i feel like. but now that i can compare them literally side by side, i can say, i like jimmy’s sound better in general (timbre and warmth i guess, and the quality is a little clearer) but jj’s singing is very distinctive, and is of a somewhat similar quality, so i guess that’s why i liked him. he likes embellishing a lot more for sure haha. his voice is a little more thick. but anyway.

ahhhhh WHO’S GOING TO WIN?!?! i hope it’s 童童! man. but 李安 is pretty strong too. ahhhh.

omg will jay is TOO CUTE man. and wait… so the point of getting w/in the top 5 was so that they could sing at this venue… but all of them are getting to sing here anyway… what.  lol. but anyway. ahhh i still think some of these have a stronger voice… the two really young girls and 長宇 T___T anyways

haha aww it’s so nice to see them all really soaking in the experience of singing at this venue. awww ^.^  貝貝 especially, you can tell she’s really really happy to be on that stage, like a dream come true. aww

wait.. what. there are TWO champions?! weird @__@ apparently the audience is going to text for votes in addition to 101 judges.  and there are going to be two rounds.  that explains why this episode is 2.5 hrs long dang. @__@  i guess my prediction would be 童童 and 張磊. and HOLY CRACK that stage is HUGE!!! i mean, ok that makes sense, since the olympics were held there but still.

ahhh omg, poor 童童!  she’s literally first AGAIN! @__@  oh wow. that’s awesome. jay chou let her practice by letting her share the stage with him at one of his shows. 0.o and also helped her w/ strength training. that’s pretty cool man.  but anyway. uh… this weird charlie chaplin themed thing is kinda weird… and her voice change for this is very uh.. unexpected.  she’s doing a really good job considering though 0.o  she looks really comfortable and confident though, which is really good.  and she seems like she’s having fun, which makes me smile ^.^ those shoes are a bit much though lol at whoever did the costume design for that.  lol 那英 is enjoying it too haha. WHOO! she has a voice on her! YEAH!  *love*

oh. i’m glad they had this clip. i can see what 張磊 is trying to sound like now.  that’s so nice that she brought him to meet his childhood/lifetime singing idol! aww. awww she’s singing the song he used to audition! that’s so cute.  and dang. she has a super clear voice.  oh haha her voice quavered right before the duet… she seems a bit nervous/worried.  i feel like she’s actually doing a little worse than he is @__@ even to the end where her voice wobbled on the last note @__@. she has a lot of hope for him, you can tell. and whoa she’s sporting some oil-rainbow hair haha interesting.

ahhh that’s awesome 汪峰 taught her theory and gave her a guitar and helped her w/ performance stuff. so cool!  WHOA. i think this pairing of voices is actually the best so far tonight (including the opening performance by the jlin’s, and jay chou + 子童).  貝貝 and 汪峰’s timbre just match really well.  and again, i feel like the student is outshining the teacher’s singing (his section seemed a bit low for him 0.o)  ahhh. her dad must be so so proud.  ahhh this is so hard. everyone’s come out with a surprisingly different aspect of themselves on this show. @__@.

whoa wait, jay chou’s going again before harlem’s? interesting.  but awww 李安 is so sweet and so obviously happy and humble aww. eee.  and jay chou noticed right – on these big group performance nights, 李安 has been singing out of tune a decent amount.  i hope he does ok today.  hmmm still getting off a bit, but so is jay chou.  whoa! one of the other teammates (the alan look-alike) is playing the chinese flute! nice touch!  anyway yeah, their voice blending i think is kinda the weakest so far :\  i think jay chou’s a bit nervous for him too.  i think 李安 does well by himself, but has a harder time when he’s singing w/ someone else, especially if they’re harmonizing to him.  and whoa jay chou can do the opera voice lol interesting.  (LOL that kung fu panda comment -.-|| lol) aww he’s still so humble awww

oh of COURSE they would be singing this song lol.  but that’s awesome that harlem took him to his recording studio in taiwan.  軒轅 has lightened up quite a bit being on harlem’s team compared to how he was at the beginning.  that’s awesome.  ahh i have regained some of my love for harlem i think, just watching this. haha awww. oh so weird. another jazzy piece… it’s so weird seeing this kinda flavor on an asian stage lol. the duet is not bad in terms of blending and handing off though.  at least both parties look confident for once.  the only other pair where both looked confident and were just relaxed, singing their hearts out were 童童 and jay chou.  just based on that, i think performance-wise, these two were actually the strongest. and this is the first time i’ve seen 軒轅 so emotional. awww

ok so that was the first round.. apparently this one was only audience texting votes.  ahhhh. whoa what! 張磊 is the highest! and yeahhh 童童 is 2nd! ohhh she grew up on a military base! i got it now.  i wonder if i like her so much because i sort of see her as a better version of myself – tomboyish in attitude, wants to perform, and yet still obedient and kind hearted – though she is much better on all counts as far as i can tell lol XP ahaaha lol michael liu. good speech good speech. and LOLOL at all the ppl taking selfies in the background as they realize one by one that the girl with the mic is behind them.

oh man 童童 is first AGAIN?! she’s just got no luck this whole show in terms of that lol. either that or they think she’s a super strong performer.  weird background performers again though theme-wise. ahh i really like her attitude when singing though. if anyone is fierce, she definitely is.  aw man. she is SO GOOD! i hope so much that she wins.

good showing by 張磊 here as well. i can see why people like him now. definitely emotional. i like the parts where he goes high, and sings out. and this basically describes his story i think, so makes it more moving. oh! nice climax section! lots of tears in the audience there, including 那英. oh man, and happy 30th 張磊!  if he wins, it’d be the happiest birthday ever haha. oh mannnn ahhhhhh, the 2nd place would be in really a scary position since probably the audience will be swayed to vote higher later?! T___T

8880 for 童童 (wow lucky number haha!) 11773 votes for 張磊. ahhhh i’m so worried! T___T

i still don’t know why i’m still a little reticent about 貝貝… in some ways she also reminds me of myself… but maybe it’s because i see my less desirable traits in her? haha i don’t know. haha. the way she portrays herself i guess is just… maybe too much? WHOA! i was wondering what was weird when they were showing her at the beginning and just realized.. this is the first time she’s not wearing a hat! *gasp*  she’s obviously having the time of her life up there though. it’s so weird. she’s just as fierce as 童童 in her own way, and perhaps even more powerful. but i don’t know why… maybe it’s cuz 童童 is more tomboyish or something and i identify w/ that more? @__@ lol i’m always so conflicted when it comes to 貝貝 i’ve noticed haha.  the one thing that really makes me like her though, is that you can tell she’s always doing this not just for herself, but also her dad (though you can see this evolving to extend to her team and her supporters as she gets more popular).  whoa good key change. smart to showcase her strengths in singing super out loud and long.

whoa lol was there a costume malfunction when they went to hug? o.0 anyway. ahhh. AHHH! T_____T  8033 for 貝貝. YAYYY 童童 was still higher PHEW.  still sad though T___T  and see, this is why i like 童童. she helps support even her competitors and encourages them, and is sad when they leave. *sigh*. she’s so awesome.

李安’s next! (… omg.. i JUST got that.. Leon… 李安…. lol wow, i’m slow LOL).  haha the song title is interesting – literally = “snail”.  ah, see, he’s so good at R&B songs, especially when he’s singing solo. just a little quavering at the beginning. he definitely sounds like a crowd fav though lol. another tough competition T___T. i guess i wouldn’t be too sad if it were 李安 and 張磊, but … but 童童.  wah. T__T   good performance right here though, and good ending.  haha hard choice for jay chou – basically has to choose btwn which of his students will get out haha. hmmm interesting… if i had to guess, i think he still wants 童童 to win haha based on what he just said and how he said it.  but ahh. awww see! she’s so cute! ok i’ll stop now. aww they’re holding hands in solidarity T__T so sweet. 6856 for 李安.  wow… didn’t expect it to be that low, but it’s a combo score from the first and 2nd times, so maybe he lagged a bit in the first round.  but yeah.

awww i’m so glad he could go home and see his mom 🙂  oh? those are fighting songs if there ever were any hahaha. aggg this is another that causes me to waffle back and forth on how i feel about him.  he’s another with a super strong voice and stage presence. the english pronunciation mishaps are kinda pretty distracting though -.-|| and he almost always chooses to go with an english song.

oh wait. did they mean the top 2 do a sing off and determine who the final champion is? that means a LOT more sense than 2 champions lol.  but yeah.  then 張磊 is probably going to win at this rate, but still rooting for 童童! ahh.

final score for 軒轅: 8132.  sorry dude, but you were close. he and harlem seem to have bonded a lot. aww ^.^

AHHHH I WAS RIGHT. AHHHH.  and OMG 童童 is first freaking AGAIN gah poor girl. it’s actually almost amazing how well she’s done after being thrown first all the time. unless she so happens to be someone who prefers going first.  anyway.  SING OFF AHHH. all scores have been reset.

regardless of today’s outcome, i think she’s gonna shoot to stardom. what i really really hope and pray is that she keeps her current attitude and personality even when she becomes famous, and that whatever agency picks her up doesn’t try to change her image into like a baser appeal like femininity or beauty/sex appeal, but rather keep her for what she is. she would be a good role model for the next generation as she is right now, so i really hope they treasure that and keep it. yikes her voice went a little towards the end, especially in the falsetto part. but still. good performance, strong showing.  gah. 張磊 had a great showing as well. i still want 童童 to win. and LOL omg 童童 is so embarrassed at jay chou’s speech hahaha.  and 那英 is still super excited and confident in 張磊’s win haha. ahsdlfaihewtliahrlieh. gah, i feel like it’ll probably be 張磊 but WAHH 童童!!! T___T ALOSIDALWEIHRLWAERih

everyone is furiously texting. i wonder if they’re allowed to only vote once or are they allowed to vote multiple times?  anyway. wait who are these ppl? oh i guess they’re the 101 judges? ahhh. man, it’s pretty clear it’s gonna be 張磊. T__T  oh interesting. the 3rd batch looks like they favor 童童. man that must be nerve wracking having to stand up there for so long awaiting judgment lol. T__T oh man i feel for her so bad. she looks like she’s trying to hold in tears. it must be hard to lag so far behind and have to wait on stage for so long >.< ohhh ok so there’s a 50% from judges and 50% from audience again.  right now it stands at 31:66 for judges votes it looks like (.. that doesn’t add up to 101…) and 15986: 23271 were apparently the votes from the audience. So final votes:  41.17% for 童童, 58.53% for 張磊.  Congrats 張磊!

haha 那英 is so happy, and jay is so disapponted haha. but yeah ahhhh. and i guess 拉姆 got the highest votes for crowd favorite this season apparently? but yeah. wahhhhh T____T so conflicted right now lol T___T.