so apparently fb has changed the notification sound to a much more mild (and more pleasant) “dong!” instead of the more annoyingly intrusive noise it was before. interesting.

sociology class is pretty interesting actually. i guess what makes it actually kind of a fun class even though it’s all online is that it’s pretty much what i already do on my own – read interesting articles relating to sociology/psychology and then writing about them (which is essentially what i do when i do my link dumps).  trying to respond to others’ is sometimes the hard part, because sometimes it just seems like common sense, so i struggle to find something meaningful to say. but anyway, maybe one of the more interesting classes i’ve had so far (and certainly the first online class i’ve actually been semi-engaged in).

went to a haunted house type deal for the first time ever since our LC was going to it and the tickets were free. i figured it’d kill 2 birds with one stone – get to know my LC (the younger students) better, and try out a haunted house.  i was in the middle-back so all the scary stuff happened before me so i knew when to expect it for the most part, and then somehow i kept getting pushed further back, and the the two guys behind me bolted at one point to the middle of our single-file line, so for a good while at the end i was the last one in our group, which is not the best place to be apparently.  but i was never really targeted, i guess because i showed no fear and didn’t really react (mainly b/c people warned me beforehand that if you act scared they’ll target you haha XP). so i actually got through pretty intact and with no screaming, which is interesting. the loud noises were a little startling though.  i’m definitely glad i went w/ a group though – would probably have screamed a few times out of surprise otherwise XP

also booo someone else is stealing my cosplay name! *cries* hahaha ah well. hopefully people can tell us apart pretty easily. and whoa why does it say a different number of likes during search than on the actual page? weird. just noticed that. anyway.

finally finished my proposal (draft), and now got the poster to worry about. still need to finish hw before midnight tonight though.. and yeah. so many things @__@