whoa there’s more! COOL! i think this is the actual last one for the season.

it looks like the top 5 from this season (who will be coached by both jay chou and 那英) will be pitted against champions (?) and former strong contestants from the previous 3 seasons (who will be coached by harlem and 汪峰).  the audience, which numbers 600, will vote for the ultimate team.

whoa they’re in macau?  anyway nice opener with jay and michael liu.  it’s interesting how very different their styles are.  jay chou seems to favor a slew of back-up dancers and high power music while having a lot of movement back and forth across the stage (and likes helping to feature his student(s)), while 汪峰 favors a solo performance where he is the focal point and just belts out his songs without much extraneous movement.

LOL the comment about how the team of previous champs would win best hair team.  reminds me of what people said about quest crew XP

oh of COURSE 童童 is sent out first AGAIN! wow… hahah.  they must really have confidence in her.

whoaaa 0.o this first guy has a really strong k-pop vibe… dress, music style, back-up dancer’s style… interesting.  he’s quite good o.0  that’s experience for you i guess!  and he can dance while singing = quite a plus. whaooo… hahaha now 童童 and that team is nervous HAHA.  not bad not bad – definitely polished up her original audition performance.  i’m a little surprised she sang a song she sang before though… i wonder if the first guy sang a previous song too.  dang. i bet it’s gonna go to the guy just cuz he was of course much more polished.  but we’ll see. omgosh!!! it was really close, but 童童 won this round phew! (lol the other team was so surprised/disappointed lol).  I guess it really could go both ways, since the returning singers have a longer fanbase, but the current champs have more recent fans so might influence people to choose their current favorites.

oh interesting. both of these are probably going to be solo performances, since this guy is just singing on his own and 李安 is also more of a solo singer.  i feel like 李安 is going to win this one… I’m not particularly having a strong impression of this guy besides that he obviously has a nice voice (which would be expected in this show).  his smiley faces on his suit though… what. haha.  it’s kinda funny that they both only have 2 characters in their names, and both 性李. looks like 李安 is also getting nervous.  oh interesting.  李安 is also using his original audition song it sounds like. he’s doing well. nice hold on “love”.  (hahaha i like how 那英 is so confident they have this one in the bag too haha. i mean, i agree with her, but XP) whatttt… the other team won? psh.

whoa. i’m a little surprised at jay chou’s choice for a duet partner. but i guess it’s nice that he is getting a little love to do this performance since we haven’t seen him in many episodes.  he’s a little out of tune w/ the singing, but ohhh yeah! he played the flute last episode or so.  this is an interesting duet… and using 那英’s opener song for the season too. it’s not a bad take on it, but not like a blow you out of the park performance by any chance.  and then 汪峰 came out alone again. i’m a little confused b/c it looked like 貝貝 came with him?

oh i see, she’s just up next and watching him.  man, the next group are both 汪峰’s students haha.  and LOL about the whole thing with jay signing 貝貝’s hat hahaha (wait her idol is jay? i thought it was 汪峰… unless that was her dad’s idol only… @__@ confused).  anyway it’s interesting that they actually switched up the order, so the current champs are now singing first.  hm i guess they are purposefully letting them sing their audition songs – maybe to showcase how far they’ve come since then? not a bad show directing choice. and she’s clearly enjoying herself as usual 🙂  and wow that’s so weird.  this girl reminds me a lot of xun er, who was 貝貝’s pk partner.  they even have the same hairstyle in addition to the sound quality and range. 0.o  (also was 汪峰 tearing up after 貝貝’s performance?)

errr… is that even fair?! hahaha that they get to come onto stage via flying platforms? @__@ haha.  also i’m very confused.. .is that a guy using falsetto, or a girl with a guy haircut what @__@. or someone who’s transgender? @__@ so confused.  oh? they are both 那英’s students. interesting.  i wonder if 張磊’s popularity will help him soar in this case.  omgosh he DID?! @__________@ WOW he brought them back to even ahead of the other team dang! china apparently really likes his type of voice.

another teacher battle hmm.  那英 had a strong showing.  uh, not sure how to feel about harlem’s lol 0.o he seems to be like a disco/arcade style music from like the 70’s or 80’s. it’s like a weird trip back in time… but he’s like so much older so yeah seeing his performance style is really kinda weirdly incongruous haha.  also is he wearing tennis shoes?! ahahha nice.

hahaha harlem is hilarious. but looks like it’s both his students now.  er ok there’s too many “wha ow”s in her song -.-.  i think i like 軒轅’s better… even though his english still hasn’t improved much.  i don’t know why, but i feel like i don’t really like the attitudes of the previous champs… it seems like they’re all kind of arrogant from their fame now or something? >.<  only the first guy seems semi ok, and the girl who went against 貝貝 was maybe ok too.  ugh the former team won. ah well. it was cool seeing them anyway, since i’d never heard them before.  ok time to sleep (and get more sleep than i have in days whoo! bye)