YAYYYYYYYYY~  officially got my 2nd friend to start blogging again!!! XDDDDDD don’t know how much they’ll keep up with it but that makes me super happy ^.^!!!  you’d better actually use it spencer, or else! XD

a little… or rather very much so… on the sleep deprived side today. >.< stayed up way too late chatting w/ someone, which was really stupid especially since i knew i had to do a glucose uptake assay today >.<  it never fails. have a long day in lab the next day? decide to stay up super late >.< and had to get up early this morning for a patient (who ended up being 40 mins late so i could have slept in after all >.<!!! rawr)

but yeah… the photoshoot’s going to be kind of interesting… one guy there has asked me out, another apparently likes me, and another… well i don’t know. getting mixed signals, and also have mixed feelings for a couple reasons, one of them being that he’s like super young.. amongst a few other things. like pretty uncomfortably so when i think about it.  ugh >.<  AL is so depressing on that front… lol. though actually it’s kinda funny in terms of age range of the 3 guys – it’s like older, about same age (slightly younger though), and then definitely younger.  i think 2/3 or maybe all 3 are losing/have lost interest though, so that’s good i guess lol.

since i’m awesome at procrastinating, i shall make a list of all the things that i need to do this week. yay! -.-||

  • analyze this assay and run a couple more before the end of the week
  • review the isoprostane stuff and make a poster – also need to schedule a lab mtg for that
  • return some books if it’s not too late
  • register and get hotel for the conference if my card finally arrives…
  • get replacement key fob >.<
  • e-mail students in the team about the manuscript (and review draft first)

hm… is that really it?! *gasp* oh i need to dye my hair again sometime as well. maybe in the middle of the week.

ok hopefully the assay is done so i can get it out and shower off the radiation lol.  oh! need to do laundry!


edit: bah, it was not in fact done, so have to wait a while longer. >.<