ahhh i’ve had such a good day today! :DDD

first off, found out the guy cosplaying jellal for the FT photoshoot we’re having next month is getting the crime sorciere version of jellal, which would match my erza. ^.^! that was awesome.

but what was also really fun/cool today was that i was able to record some music for the first time today! ahhh it was so cool.  the guy’s place we went to was AWESOME – the upstairs had an open acoustic sound (kinda bouncy off the walls, but still cool), and then the downstairs was rigged for singing w/ soundboards, and then the room adjacent was the like mixing station, which also had a keyboard input and speakers and the keyboard percussions thing and yeah. omgosh, such a cool set-up.  he even had a mic set up in that room so it could talk into the headsets of both the upstairs and downstairs recording area.

today was mostly recording me on top of the stuff they did yesterday, plus some extra parts for beats like tambourines, stomp-claps, and shakers, which brandon did.  so i figured out a violin part (which i played rather out of tune and it sounded way too scratchy on the track so had to put my mute on, which helped but still… >.<), which we then layered some harmony over. i even got to add a little input via a piano line! and he even let me sing a little bit of back-up vocals! ahhh

i’ve come to realize that sometimes, having others believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself, is a very powerful thing.  it meant a lot that he would ask me to record with him, especially since there’s been another violinist at church who’s been put on set many weeks in a row now, which has been making me wonder about my own abilities.  not that it’s important who’s playing for worship purposes, but it does make me wonder if there’s some standard that i’m not meeting or something. :\ or maybe it’s just that they’re getting her up to speed on all the songs, or the fact that she can sing as well or w/e.  but yeah. so i was glad that i was asked for today. and you know what else is cool? WE HEARD THINGS THE SAME WAY! like on the car ride over, we were listening to it, and as i was trying to figure out a part for it, i was humming what i was hearing in my head to test it out, and he hummed THE SAME THING. and it happened multiple times! he was like “see? this is why we work together” and that was like a really awesome moment. it was just so cool to be able to be on the same wavelength musically with someone – i’ve never really had that happen before. it’s really cool to work with someone who gets you, you know?

also had a really long talk with another friend a couple days prior, and i actually did end up getting emotional over a similar thing.  it was with a guy i’ve always looked up to in terms of musical ability, and in general. it was interesting to find out that 1) he was also insecure about his own abilities and 2) he apparently actually thought i was “good” as well. which is really weird for me to hear him say (and i don’t know how much i can trust that considering he says he can’t remember a lot about stuff during that time period, including how other people played -.-||) but yeah. it was nice to hear that at least one person didn’t think i was like the worst person in our cohort of people, despite what orchestral placements and such suggested.  he also mentioned how i was like an “anchor” for him, which if i think about it… is a good word for who he and a few other friends from that time/orchestra, are to me.  anyway there was more to write on this but ugh it is late and i need to sleep. another short sleep night >.<  bye