wow. probably the most frustrating experience i’ve had with a sales rep ever, except maybe when i had to install internet one time. ugh. like hello. i LITERALLY have the e-mail offer on hand that i can give you.  and a mail for it as well. which i told you multiple times. it should not be that hard. and also i waited for way longer than necessary for you to tell me the offer isn’t working so RAWR.

and the key fob thing is ALSO still unresolved.  WHY IS ALL THIS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW >:O  of course, when i have so many other things w/ deadlines that are pretty important to my career, then all this dumb stuff has to happen at the same time. als;dfjalwtehi;lih

current mood: frustrated and even less motivated to do work.  especially since the analysis of the assay yesterday resulted in something different than the assay on saturday. ALWEARLWEIHraLWEirh *tears hair out*