ugh having too much fun reading these posts lol. it’s been a while since i’ve been on the site, so there’s actually new material! which is bad b/c = bad productivity for me T__T. anyway here are some funny ones:

The Great Perils of Social Interaction

11 Awkward Things about Email – read this one before but still hilarious to read again

Why You Secretly Hate Cool Bars – OMG SOMEONE WHO GETS ME!!!  and it’s not really a secret. i pretty much have always disliked them. and this perfectly explains why.  i’m glad it’s also not actually a fun experience for others either. 😛

7 Ways to be Insufferable on Facebook – so also read this one before, but really REALLY tempted to post on my cosplay FB account… i won’t b/c it might be kinda mean and the people who need it aren’t the ones who will be reading it anyway, but ugh geez.  Basically all of the 5 motivations listed are pretty prevalent for most of the people on there in terms of the status updates: Image Crafting, Narcissism, Attention Craving, Jealousy Inducing, and Loneliness.  I mean… maybe it’s because if people who have these qualities naturally gravitate towards things like cosplay, but it’s just like… ugh. Stoopppp.  (And I guess uh oh, what does that say about me that I like cosplay too? -.-|| lol.  I mostly like the artistic side of it though.  And I see myself I guess as trying to help uplift the people in it by doing what I normally do on my FB – posting interesting articles or cool/inspiring things rather than self-centered posts.  I do feel somewhat of a pressure to put content out though, like “here, look at what I’m making” just b/c i think that’s what people like to see of people they follow. still feels weird writing stuff like that though.  >.<  so i don’t do it very often.

ok, seriously getting back to work now. >.< another day wasted.