welp that was an interesting trip. probably the worst decision of my phd career, but oh well. first, all the reasons why it was a dumb idea:

  • i have my candidacy defense on Tues that i haven’t even started putting the presentation together for yet
  • i have to finalize this poster for MSRD, also on tuesday, and also the one that i need to bring to LA that i got all these random awards for, so it better be pretty freaking on point, and there’s still quite a lot of labeling and reorganizing that needs to happen, on top of a lot of background reading
  • both of these need to actually be ready first thing monday morning for a lab meeting to practice for all of these, on top of preparing a short slide presentation for yet another small thing i got awarded because of this crazy abstract. who knew this was going to be such a crazy big deal?! @___@ help.
  • have cells growing that i probably should have gone into lab today to change media for… but decided to do it tomorrow morning instead (i did put some extra media in before i left just in case so i think they should be ok, but still…).

why it was good though:

  • got to see lots of sword fighting! with real steel swords! and found out there’s a place near Bham (sort of) where they practice, and it’s free! might go check it out sometime :DDD
  • got to eat a huge turkey leg to try haha. it was quite good (tasted rather like ham actually), but it was huge so i’ve stuck it in the fridge to be slowly eaten away over the next week i guess lol.
  • got to see and hear people play the hammer dulcimer! and various other assorted cool music 🙂
  • didn’t get to sleep much (bad thing), but got to hear one of the guys play guitar, and also learned more about them.  to the point where i learned enough about him and his past (and how he handled/talked about things) where i’m like yeah… we have pretty different values and i’m kind of uncomfortable with how you’re dealing with stuff.  so when i figured/found out there was another girl who he liked, it was good b/c i didn’t feel anything at all (other than like uhhh that’s a pretty bad situation drama-wise cuz the girl’s in another relationship w/ a guy he’s friends with apparently…) and yeah. she’s also recently divorced and has a kid, so yeah… lots of messy stuff going on there.  yeah don’t wanna touch that with a 10 foot pole lol.  so it’s good that i won’t be distracted w/ him anymore.
  • got good sushi on the way back cuz as we were passing by cullman, i remembered there was actually a decent sushi place there, so we stopped in there to grab some. so good!

unfortunately, i seem to have come out with more guy problems than i went in with. -.-|| loool. >.< well, anyway, it seems like the one guy might actually still be waiting for an answer, as crazy enough as that seems since i think i’ve been fairly clear about not being interested… the 2nd guy is actually not bad. we drove up and back down together, and it wasn’t awkward at all, which was nice. he does however, have a tendency to talk in monologues, which have actually put me to sleep literally a couple times both up and back today (though to be fair, i was also pretty sleep deprived, as i mentioned lol. but yeah he talks long… with kind of lengthy explanations… so yeah T__T) and then… met another guy yesterday, who was actually also chill and born in the same year *gasp* so rare now >.< (and found out another guy was also born in the same year! sweet! haha) and he was actually pretty cool, like as a friend. but am a little concerned now that he might be interested, as we established yesterday that all 4 of us were single and today he like noticed stuff about me and pointed it out in front of ppl, and also like followed me around a bit and is now talking on fb w/ me in order to avoid talking to some other girl who is apparently staying over w/ them tonight while her friend is the one getting w/ the other guy i mentioned earlier (who i decided i was no longer really interested in that way, and yet who still remains, out of the 4, the one that guess i must be the most attracted to somehow, since i’m even less interested in the other options that i am w/ him, even though their values/personalities are actually better i think? -.-|| don’t know, confused, whatever).  ugh maybe i’m just biased b/c he loves/cosplays a character i love and i’m projecting some of that onto him. >.< blah!

anyway yeah i don’t know. don’t want to think about this anymore.  also almost slipped and said my real name when someone i was just meeting asked what my name was, which this last guy picked up on, so now he knows my alias isn’t my real name. whoops >.< bah. it’s so automatic to provide your normal name that since i was caught off-guard, i went into reflex mode. >.< gotta be more careful. he hasn’t asked about it since though, so i’m hoping he forgot lol.

ok bye!