i wonder if i find quinoa-rice to be so delicious b/c quinoa has such a high protein content? there’s a theory that suggests that when we’re deficient in a macro/micronutrient, the body keeps seeking food until that need is fulfilled.  not sure how true that is, but i know i tend to fall on the less-protein side of the spectrum usually (probably anyway, since i prefer veggies/rice over meat), but also know that i find quinoa really fun to eat. part of that’s how fun it is to crunch i think, but maybe it also has to do with the fact that it contains all 9 essential amino acids (and is therefore known as a “complete” protein source).

on a completely separate note, dyed my hair again since all the previous manic panic had washed out by now = part brownish/red hair, and we’re planning to shoot mars on Sunday.  (lol just realized that could sound really weird out of context – i mean do a PHOTOshoot of SAILOR mars lol, which needs a head full of if not purple-tinted, at least black hair)