i really don’t understand how people live paycheck to paycheck.  like, it really confuses me. especially people who would theoretically be making more than me based on their monthly payment if they didn’t live in that manner.  i don’t know how common this is among my friends, since that’s not a topic that usually comes up in conversations or anything, but it seems to be fairly prevalent in the cosplay community (at least based on my interactions with cosplay ppl and/or my cosplay fb account).  it’s like… i don’t understand. where is all your money going?!  @___@  how can you be “broke” right before payday, when your monthly or whatever check should be more than enough to cover your rent, gas, and utilities?  @__@ maybe they just spend it all on cosplay stuff or eat out all the time or buy lots of clothes or something. but really, like… where is it all going @__@. maybe try using a budget if this is a common issue?

and i do know the term “broke” is probably an exaggeration, but i feel that if it’s to the point where you’re making it an excuse to not go to an event that is free (just costs $ if you want to buy food there or whatever), then either 1) you don’t actually want to go, or 2) you really need to work on your budgeting skills.  or i guess 3) you’re actually really making barely enough to make ends meet. that’s also possible.  but cosplay is an expensive hobby, so if you have enough to be doing that on a pretty regular basis, my guess is that you should have enough to make ends meet fine, as long as you pay attention to where you’re spending where you don’t need to be.  ~.~||

ok end semi-rant/confusion lol XP