dang. can’t believe i’ll be in LA by this time tomorrow.  well actually, probably still flying there, but still. there’s still so much i need to do before then, including:

  • celebratory dinner tonight
  • run some more analyses on the data just in case people ask about it/figure out what it was that was a problem before
  • make the mini-presentation and send it off
  • write and send in the committee report to MSTP
  • fill out the NORC semi-annual review form
  • remake the lost earring for mars, fix the tiara, maybeee make the ofuda if there’s time (which i doubt) and pack all the stuff needed for her stuff/things that need fixing
  • look up and print out papers to read on the way
  • submit hw for class before midnight
  • pack… (oh which probably means i should dump my pictures/vids so i have enough space on my camera…)
  • figure out logistics for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend…
  • practice presentation…