having a cosplay name actually came in handy in the real world, aka at a non-con situation (con = convention, not the other thing lol). just had my weirdest conference/hotel experience ever.  i was sitting in a chair in the lobby to get internet since i didn’t want to have to pay for internet in my room, so was using the internet on my phone when this kind of older korean (i think) guy came up to me and started randomly talking to me.  he asked stuff like what i was doing in the lobby there, if i was with family, whether i was working, and since i was like well i’m here just using the internet, he offered me his internet info, and then was like hey if you want, we can hang out later or something. and i was like uhhh okayyy… and he asked my name and without missing a beat, i gave him my cosplay name, and he was like oh ok, were you born here? and i was like mmhm.  and then he was like yeah i can give you my phone number. can i give you my phone number? or i can call you? i was like *shakes head…* and he was like ok i can give mine to you. are you ready? and so to humor him, i took out my phone and entered his number and name, and as he reiterated how we should hang out and stuff i was like uh huh *wary look*… and he left. … and then 30 sec later he comes back and was like just one more thing ok? and i was like uhhhhh huhhh…?  and he was like yeah, i saw you 30 min ago when you came in, and you walked over to this chair, and i thought “oh, she’s pretty cute”, and after i went upstairs i wondered if you were still here, and here you are! and i was like …yeppp here i am, using the internet.  and then he re-stated how i could use his and that i should call him if i wanted and again *uh huh, strained smile and nod* and he left. and yeah. super. awkward.  but yeah!  cosplay name ftw!  someone actually told me they didn’t realize that was not my real name, and i was like i mean, do i LOOK like that would be my name? and he was like yeah? -.-|| wow. lol.  i mean, that’at kinda cool i guess that someone would think it’s possible for someone like me to have a name like that, but yeah… no. lol


it’s been an amazing trip so far.  i have been so freaking blessed.  i’ve had friends drive for more than an hour just to see me, or pick me up and bring me back, and/or let me stay over, and i have been able to just see so many people and stuff.  on friday i met up with kenny, who i haven’t seen basically since he graduated in 2007, and who i think is going to go far in the acting world right now (he’s going to be in the next independence day movie what?!) and it was just really cool to see how far he’s come and to catch up.  and of course i got to talk with john about various things regarding the film and photography industry as i stayed over at his place a couple nights (thank you so much for letting me stay over!), as well as watch him do some photoshop magic and also got to shoot with him for mars, which was actually really fun! i’m really looking forward to the shots – it’s like a dream come true in many ways if even one of them turns out well.

Saturday was a couple hours at ComiKaze with john and “helping” him w/ his shoots, and then rebecca picked me up to go to irvine for BOLGPC’s harvest fest and to hang out.  thank you so much rebecca!!! it was seriously such a blessing to be able to go to BOLGPC.  even though most of the people i knew were no longer there, there were definitely still enough for it to feel like going home almost.  as much as i love my church in AL, there is still somewhat of a cultural divide there, so i never feeling like people really understand me, and vice versa.  here, i could just be myself and enjoy being with everyone. and it’s really nice to be so welcomed back, and to pick up almost as if i’d never left.  spent quite a few hours talking with dennis too, which was amazing, since he’s like me in that we don’t really see ourselves as clinicians, and yet he’s managed so well so far.  and yeah, it was just so good, and it’s the first time i’ve really thanked God truly from the bottom of my heart in quite some time, for allowing me to be there and just enjoy being in the presence of other brothers and sisters in true fellowship, in every sense of the word.

oh man… just realized for the mars photoshoot, i totally forgot to do one of her signature attacks. >.<!!!!!!!!!! SAD DAY. oh well… i’ll just pretend she advanced past that by the time she was super sailor mars… >.>  <.< oh. actually looking at the wiki and stuff, looks like i’m fine, because she really didn’t use that after super S, and that wasn’t canon in the manga either, so yay! though i apparently did the signature pose flipped which sucks >.< oops, oh well.

anyway yeah. got to see josh today for lunch, and that was also really good, since i haven’t seen him since i was last in LA/irvine area 5 years ago either, and he’s now also starting to get more and more parts in acting. it’s really nice seeing people grow and especially if they’re really into what they’re doing.  and it was just refreshing to talk to someone from back home, who grew up in similar circumstances, and i think it was the same for him as well.  really appreciated both him and kenny driving out so far just to meet up for a bit.

also there’s a ton of good food here of course, which is amazing.  i think i’ve gained at least 5 pounds over the last few days.  also found out the conference doesn’t really exactly start until Weds?? so i have an extra day… sort of. some talks start tomorrow, so i’m not really sure what’s going on with the scheduling, but anyway.  time to shower and sleep!  jet lag and daylight savings has really thrown my body out of whack. @___@

oh yeah, speaking of cosplay, apparently i somehow lost a follower/like on my cosplay page. wonder what that’s about (i wouldn’t think ppl would care enough to do that. heck, i don’t know what pages i’ve liked at all lol).