it’s nice to find people grateful for food for once.  i mean, actually, on one hand, it’s actually really sad/bad, because it means they are so poor/don’t have enough work in order to afford a meal, but on the other hand, it’s nice (i guess from a somewhat selfish point of view) that food was more important than money for once.  i haven’t really personally experienced this too much, but i know others who have, and i’m always like dude, if you’re offering to buy them food and they refuse and only want the money, chances are, they want that money for something else – drugs, including cigarettes and alcohol, or w/e.  but if they’re TRULY hungry, they WILL take the food.  which is what i posited this evening after our meal with the deans/faculty.  everyone was looking at me weirdly because everyone just let their food go to waste/get taken up even though they still had quite a bit of food on their plate.  but i asked for a box to bring back stuff, even though it probably wouldn’t be very good cold, first joking that it could serve as breakfast tomorrow morning, which it could have easily done so. but then i started thinking about the homeless here – it’s baltimore, so i figure there should be some around.  and so i even took back stuff from someone else who barely touched their food, so i’d have more food to give.

when i got back, i really wasn’t sure where i’d find anyone, or whether it would be safe to walk around looking for people to give the food away to, and a couple friends i was messaging with at the time were all telling me not to since it was dangerous.  however, being stubborn, i decided i wanted to at least try, and so i went downstairs and asked a security guard how safe it was to attempt what i wanted to do. he said it was pretty safe, but he was really nice and walked me outside to where he thought they’d be, since apparently on his way home, he also often gives away extra food to them.  so pretty quickly, we found a wall of homeless people, and he mentioned i had food for them, and immediately, the closest guy’s face brightened and he reached up for one of the boxes, saying “thank goodness, i’m starving”, and another man pushed up off the wall and came over to retrieve the other box.  so it was gratifying that i was able to maybe make their day a little better, but also kind of heartwrenching that so close to all these hotels where tourists and businesspeople stay at are a bunch of homeless people starving for food.  i don’t know their circumstances, but i hope they are able to find a better life, soon.  i am glad too, to know that the food that would have been otherwise thrown away was actually able to be put to good use and appreciated. i mean, those crabs (and chicken) gave up their lives for our sake… it would be a disservice to their sacrifice if that was just thrown in the trash to rot.