know what i’m most excited to do first thing after i get back (after first washing the dishes cuz i didn’t get a chance to before i left and the condo probably smells to high heaven)?  cutting my nails. they are disgustingly, annoyingly long. >.< i don’t understand how anyone keeps their nails longer than like, a millimeter above the part that’s stuck to your skin. it’s just so difficult to do anything from typing to texting to writing, or anything practical. >.<

and then after that is getting some actual rest. like, my body will have gone through 4 time changes since i left, and my circadian clocks are so confused right now:
AL –> CA = 2 hrs back for 2 days
Daylight savings = 1 hr back for 4-5 days
CA –> MD = 3 hrs forward for 3 days
MD –> AL = 1 hr back

i don’t even know if i’m supposed to be more sleepy or awake than i am right now at this time (12:26am EST).  i do know that the bags under my eyes are horrendous and probably the worst it’s ever been, even after this year of sleeping at like 3-5am everyday, or in college when i was doing the same. @___@ T___T

k goodnight.