well, turns out my place amazingly didn’t smell unbearable (i mean, it was still not pleasant, but not immediately puke-worthy), so i ended up clipping my nails first, and then tackling the dishes.

btw, PSA: if you ever see my door open, you probably shouldn’t venture in, as it likely means that i’m trying to air out my place from the cesspool of the sink and its denizens.

it’s also interesting the different colors and biofilms that form on dishes after they’ve been left to their own devices for a while.  today’s had pink and yellow. no black thankfully.  the biologist in me is always curious about what kinds of bacteria end up growing in there.  anyway don’t worry, i always wash them at least twice if they end up like that – for the ones that can go in the dishwasher, they’re first washed thoroughly with lots of hot water and soap, and then put in the dishwasher to KILL IT WITH FIRE. and the ones that can’t be put in are washed multiple times.

also just got the blue screen of death for the first time on this computer, and the internet was being dumb for a bit as well, and then i couldn’t log into e-mail b/c apparently my password expired, and after changing it, i still couldn’t log in, apparently b/c it’s still updating, according to AskIT. >.< so not an amazingly great start to being back. on top of only having <5 hrs of sleep, again, for like the 3rd or 4th day in a row >.<  so freaking tired and don’t want to go to lab but i really should. maybe i’ll take a little nap first…

good trip overall though. so blessed to be able to see all the people i did. and it was good meeting tina in real life finally haha. we’ve decided that tina is officially the east-coast danika. XD