just went to a birthday dinner for a friend. like that day in irvine with bolgpc people, i was suddenly overcome with gratitude and happiness being with this group of people, and also a tinge of wistfulness, knowing that most of them will be gone in half a year’s time, and that this kind of time spent together is precious and should be cherished, as there isn’t much time left for all of us to be in proximity, maybe ever again like this after this year. i definitely think i’ll be a lot more lonely after this year than i was last year after my entering class left. they say the hardest year for md/phd’s is when their class leaves, but i just never felt that close with any of my former classmates enough to really feel their loss i guess. but this year… that’s going to be tough.

i don’t know if i’ve just been on my cosplay account too much or dealing with that community too much lately that makes me so appreciate my “real” friends so much more.  and that in itself sounds kind of mean… i shouldn’t think of one group of friends as any less than another. but i guess that group is still mainly acquaintances for me, so that shouldn’t be that surprising maybe, but yeah… the culture and thoughts and everything is just so different. it will be interesting to see how this weekend plays out.  i regrettably had to leave the birthday thing today a little early because i just realized before i went to it that i have hw due Sunday night, and since i hadn’t realized it needed to be so long, i actually basically had a full weekend planned in lab/outings, and sunday especially is pretty jam-packed. and yeah so we’ll see. the rest of this weekend (other than lab) will be spent w/ cosplay ppl, so it’ll be interesting to see how i feel about them and all this after tomorrow and sunday.

anywhoos, happy b-day russell! it was really good seeing you and everyone else again tonight! 🙂

also… i think i’m in the category of ppl for whom caffeine makes sleepy nowadays. it used to be the opposite – it used to keep me up at night if i ate even a bit, but now it just makes me sleepy. or maybe it’s cuz kitkats are comprised mainly of sugar (especially since it’s milk chocolate, not dark) so maybe it’s the sugar making me sleepy. who knows.

oh but yeah. also SUPER happy i actually found a legit sushi place in bham now! samurai japan – as silly as the name sounds, its sushi, tempera, green tea ice cream, and stuff were all on point. @__@  so happy!!!