just randomly came across some wushu vids on newsfeed today – one was an old demo at cal that i’d never seen before (but was hilarious), and one of someone i know competing at worlds (?) today apparently.  and then i went and found our really old groupset lol and now i really want to practice again T___T.  hit up someone who does MMA who i’ve been talking to who wants to learn wushu so maybe we’ll finally get that going. i hope so! XD

what’s kinda weird is that i feel like it’s easier to go into lower stances now, or to kick/bring back my leg faster, or get into some positions that were harder before. not sure if that’s due to lower weight in general or what.  though of course the amount of time i can hold them is probably much lower lol. and definitely lost some flexibility along with the strength. weirdly i think my core is a little stronger now too… but again that might just be relative since everything has shrunk at this point. 0.o weird.

i feel like i’m a little more light on my feet now too. hmmm you know what? maybe fencing has a little something to do with that… maybe? sorta. i dunno it’s been a few years for that already now too… @__@ o.0