church was good, and a cosplay friend came to visit.  went location scouting for our photoshoot most of the day and it was nice to walk around in nature. and then we went to the joint b-day party where i learned how to use a wing chun dummy thing a little with some congruent block-punches and some block-pin-punch-counters and stuff. super fun and cool! and finally got to watch the guys grapple, which was cool ^.^  really want to learn MMA… but don’t want the concussions and broken limbs or w/e that come from it (like rousey’s KO… the med doctor-to-be in me cringed heavily w/ that.. and the fact that holmes kept punching her face after…)

i think it was mainly the training that got me excited. XD i think i have some bruises forming, but it was fun ^.^  had to basically spend the rest of the time at the party in celeste’s room doing hw that was due at midnight T__T but it was worth it. and i got it turned in in time, so all good 😀

oh, and happy birthday sasuke!