so. freaking. done. wanna know what i hate most? i finally know the answer to that (interview) question: what is your biggest pet peeve? at the moment, mine is: PEOPLE WHO ARE UNRELIABLE.

if you say you are going to show up, show up. if you aren’t, then say you aren’t and don’t.  how hard is that to freaking understand?  if it’s something that you want to do, that you’re excited about, and/or that someone’s planning and relying on you to answer… MAKE TIME. OR JUST SAY OUTRIGHT THAT YOU CAN’T DO IT.

ok. i’m probably being hypocritical here because I know for a fact there are times where I’ve said I can go to something and cancel, sometimes pretty last minute as well.  But usually in those cases, someone is not COUNTING ON ME TO BE THERE and making time and planning for me to be there. that’s the freaking difference.  AND, if i do need to cancel, I at least have the courtesy to tell people I can’t do it instead of just not showing up.

Yes, capitals and italics. pret-ty peeved at the moment.

and so yeah. i’m done. done w/ this whole stupid cosplay group. done with people who suck at planning and suck at following plans.  done with people who are so hard to reach for even logistical planning purposes, for people who don’t care. and maybe that’s the crux of it.  you’d think i’d have learned by now. people don’t care about things nearly as much as you do.


all of the above was written last Thursday night, when I got the last straw of a string of cancellations for a photoshoot that we’d planned for almost 2 whole months.  Was going to post, but then internet died, so there you go.  and then i was able to rant to someone the following day (well 2, but the first person *ahem* wasn’t super helpful, though they did take the edge off a little bit so i was more coherent the second time around lol) after even more stuff happened so yeah.

at this point, i’m mostly over it actually, because it was actually kinda fun on the shoot, we got a few decent pictures (our photographer is awesome and gave a really quick turnaround… he put pics up yesterday, which was the day right after, and he’ll be sending me the link today or so he says for downloads), and i’m one of those people that basically forgets about stuff once things are over. (one of the only reasons i’m coming back to this post is because it’s still open and i’m about to try installing this google chrome extension onetab thing at someone’s behest, which will supposedly change my life, but thought it might be good to finish off all these half-written posts first just in case lol).  but i do feel like i should share this one story just because it’s so ridiculous:

so the really ironic thing is that i posted something on my cosplay FB account the same day right before writing the above rant, about how i was done w/ being on that account anymore because of all the unreliability and how i don’t have time for that, but if people wanted to reach me, they could still text/call etc.  well, the girl that has been the WORST perpetrator of all of this throughout the year commented, asking about whether I had “hit that same academia explosion point” as well… i was like uh no. no. because I, unlike you, actually have decent time management/life skills and do not always cancel on things last minute because i can’t handle myself academically.  i know how to handle my shizz and i also know how to tell people when i’m struggling or when i can’t make it.  in fact, it’s because i knew how flaky she was that i didn’t even ask her to come originally, and only asked because the other girl couldn’t make it and that was a key character and she was the only other person i knew in the area who had that character. but not only did she not deliver on making the new version of the cosplay in time (gave her 3 weeks, checked in every week and she always said she’d start on it that day or the following day, obviously didn’t happen, and every time i also said if she felt too stressed or that she couldn’t make it to let me know and we could help her or it would be fine and i would find someone else, but nooo), then 2 days after the last time i checked in and she said it’d be fine, she posted to the entire group the week of the shoot about how her education had to come first and she wasn’t going to make it, but that she could still finish the cosplay for someone else to wear. i proceed to find a substitute. she then says sorry she wasn’t able to finish the new one, but someone could borrow her old one and she could get it to me either thurs night or friday. didn’t deliver on thurs, so i asked when to get it friday. she says 5:30pm.  friday comes around, and around 4:30pm, i text to check if we’re still on for 5:30pm since i needed to figure out when/how we were going to meet. no response. a little after 5:30, text to ask what the plan is so i know whether to stay in lab longer or go back and shower. no response, so decide to go back and shower. then decide to call – goes straight to voicemail.  and that happens every hour or so that i try to call.  fb was also a no go as i could no longer find either of her accounts and assumed she had deleted it to work on her schoolwork.  at this point i’m slightly desperate because the shoot is early the next morning and i don’t have a cosplay for the girl who subbed (who was the only other person at this point who seemed as excited about the shoot as i was).  have to tell her the bad news (thankfully she pulled something together, along with a skirt i lent her, for which i’m so grateful for, but yeah.)

so by the day of the shoot, still no answer, and at this point (and some the previous night), i’m wondering if i should be worried whether something happened to her. and also i felt a little bad being upset with her because she basically has anxiety and i think maybe depression or some other problems, and so maybe she’s just going through a rough time. but then i find out from a mutual friend that she’s been on fb so at least he knows she’s alive. and it’s at that point that i lose pretty much all sympathy. because it means she didn’t answer her phone and blocked me b/c she knew i was going to ask her for the stuff. which, first of all, i’m the one who should be angry at her for not following through and basically screwing us over even though i’ve given her a ton of chances to back out throughout and she could have just straight up said she didn’t want to give it to me or w/e if she didn’t want to instead of saying all this stuff and then causing so much freaking stress in the last minute.  but no, she decides to block me.  which i’m like well i’m perfectly ok w/ that actually, but just the principle of her having the gall to do that when she was the one in the wrong is like wow. so yeah. that’s one of the many stories of people dropping out this last week, on top of having to deal with lots of research stuff (we ended up having <50% of the group we were supposed to have -.-||, and one of those was subbed 3 times).

needless to say, i’m done w/ ever trying to set something like this up ever again, or to initiate anything w/ this group of people.  hoping we got at least some (more) good pictures though! unfortunately in all the strongest team photos, my pics all look pretty blah so far >.<