… just came across this article after seeing someone’s repost of a buzzfeed video on asexuals because it didn’t explain what that was exactly and i was curious… and after reading it, i was like wait. @___@ AM I ASEXUAL?!?! this might actually explain a lot… 0.o  i’ve always had a hard time explaining to people how exactly i feel about people i like, and maybe this is why.  and i’ve never found anyone “hot,” which is why i never use the term, because to me that word is used in association with wanting to jump that person, and i’ve never had that urge for anyone.  i guess prior to this i never bothered looking into what “asexual orientation” meant, because i assumed it meant someone who was completely not interested in anyone romantically, but according to this article (and others like this one) that’s not the case.  what is the case is that even if you have the drive, you don’t have the attraction, which is so true in my case. THAT explains why i’ve never really imagined doing much more with anyone than holding hands or cuddling, even for guys i liked, and stuff like that.

anyway was gonna write more on this, but got to talking to someone about it and we had a long conversation about that and random other things, so no more energy to post haha.  bye