got the order wrong… twice.  i don’t even know how that happens. it’s very clearly printed on the receipt what needs to go on there. and the stuff they got wrong don’t even sound alike or have similar starting letters or anything… and some aren’t even in the same category, so how did you get it wrong, and TWICE?!  for example.  wanted honey sirarcha crust. instead, first time, got balsamic vinagrette drizzled over the pizza and regular crust. second time, got the right flavor, but it was drizzled under the ingredients, and the crust was still normal.  also, bell peppers do not = mushrooms. -.-||

at least they gave me some extra garlic breadsticks after i was annoyed at having to wait and asked if i could at least get a discount or something. cuz today it was actually a big detriment having to lose an extra 20 min or so, since i have a final project due at midnight. guh.


edit: ugh, the breadsticks and marinara sauce aren’t even warm! they’re not even room temperature.. they’re cold, hard, and a little bit stale >.<! that actually explains why the butter wasn’t melted on top. i was wondering about that… ugh