i don’t know why i sometimes read train-wreck comments, but sometimes i just do.

you know what’s almost worst than people who are outrightly racist/sexist, etc etc? someone who keeps leveling blame and calling others racist/sexist, etc whose arguments make absolutely no sense and is basically “justified” only in the fact that he is “aware” of social things more than other people because he got a degree in sociology or whatever it was that makes him think he knows so much. cuz i’m like dude, i think the fact that you’re name-calling all these people things that make me wonder if your definitions themselves are completely off is kind of concerning… -.-||

also, on an unrelated note, sometimes you might not get all your ideas/points across for a satisfactory conclusion, but maybe it’s ok to show a little vulnerability and back off a bit sometimes. maybe somewhat lose the battle, but win a step towards conciliatory relationships.

also 3 more unrelated things:

  1. i’ve kinda been dragged into something crazy that’s due at the end of the week, and we’ve spent quite a few hours together hashing it out for a competition thing, but it’s been pretty fun actually. it’s been the most fun i’ve had on a team so far actually. i wonder if it’s because the rest of the team is all guys? or maybe we all just are actually passionate about the same topic. anyway, it’s been nice. 🙂
  2. just finished an anime that really makes me want to play piano again… and play it WELL.  like legit practice something difficult where my fingers can fly over the keys. might go play some clementi sonatinas now, even though it’s like 3:22am… actually probably shouldn’t since we’re filming tomorrow and i’ll have super bags under my eyes… meh we’ll see.  (i’ll of course put the mute on if i do play).  but yeah, totally called the ending to that anime like by the 2nd episode, if not sooner.
  3. Also “quit” my cosplay fb yesterday after finally putting up the last pics. phew. that took FOREVER. and i guess i did go on a little today as i was procrastinating for my final assignment due tonight, but yeah. it’s kind of nice to be done with a chapter of my life, at least for now.