i’ve actually been practicing piano the last few days. like, actually every day (now that i think about it), and at least 30min – 1 hr+ each time.  this hasn’t happened since like… ever. or maybe when i was like in elementary school and my parents made me keep a practice schedule lol. but yeah. this is the first time in recent/ever memory where i have actually practiced something voluntarily for this many days in a row.  some days it happens even at 2am or even past 3am in the morning because i don’t get a chance to do so earlier in the day (in which case, of course, i use my mute pedal… which maybe that’s how they did the scenes in Your Lie in April when he couldn’t hear the notes!  it’s definitely really weird to practice when the keys are so hard to press and basically you just hear thumping and tiny sounds far away.  i wonder if that’s what music sounds like to people with amusia. anyway.)

but yeah… this practicing thing is weird. and what’s weirder? it’s actually… kind of nice. and fun.  i can see improvements day to day in how much easier it is to play a certain passage for example, and even if i don’t get it really well that day, the next day, it somehow magically gets easier.  perhaps it’s b/c i don’t see many improvements in lab or other aspects of my life that this makes me feel better about myself lol, but it’s nice to see that something that i’m putting time and effort into is actually paying off.  (and there see, anime and the like CAN be helpful and inspiring! take that, parents XP)

the AMA challenge i’ve been working on that was due this afternoon was also the funnest i’ve had in a while in terms of working in a group. i don’t remember if i’ve posted about it already, but it’s cool working with a group of people who are just as passionate about a project and issue (med school curricula in this case) that you are. ^.^  all of them had a final today, too, yet they all still responded throughout the week to film stuff, get together over the weekend for 3 hours one day and a couple on Monday to hash out things, and even last night and this morning they were responding to stuff.  so it was cool being part of that team – i’m glad they asked me to be part of it. ^.^

anyway… i guess i should attempt to do SOMETHING on my lab notebook… it’s why i’m writing this now b/c just thinking about the stuff i have to catch up on is making my head hurt.  Only up to 11/22 right now, and I also have experiments from aug and also from may that i didn’t write about. T__________T… my lab bench is so full of old experiments i need to write up that i don’t know how i work at all in these conditions. >.<

ooh, speaking of practice, also finally charged up my battery from the dslr i bought on black friday.  will hopefully get in some practice tonight before tomorrow’s photoshoot in the gardens (if i can even make it before it gets dark since i have to be in lab all day tomorrow… >.<)