lol, my labmates are all heading down to GA right now to buy a powerball. they texted me in the middle of our meeting about it, and i was like lol sure why not, but just now i got a text reminding me of the CAMS seminar tonight so decided not to go. technically i can miss a CAMS but oh well – not worth the trip i think XD  but i think they’re going to buy a line or two for me – will decide later.  should be interesting though. i bet by the end of tonight’s drawing (?), there will have been another $1 million or so added on just by people buying them last minute haha.  i think the power is also out in our lab, (or at least most of the lights are), so that would explain why my labmates, who are all usually such hard workers, are ok with skipping out on a whole day/afternoon. haha