facebook is interesting.  on a whim, one can travel down a rabbit hole to the past, and, depending on privacy settings and whatnot, delve into the kinds of people said people of the past have become.  just this morning, i’ve found a couple of people i haven’t thought about in years… like literally probably almost 15-20 years (it is quite frightening that i can throw out those numbers which such alarming nonchalance).  and, (and this is probably a little creepy if one stops to think about it) my favorite is when i can find someone’s blog. because who writes anymore nowadays? especially anything of substance.  aside from myself of course lol.  it’s a fascinating insight to people’s minds/lives, and makes you realize that, as different as we seem on the outside, maybe we’re not really so different at all.

on a side note, reaffirmed that i’m definitely attracted to intelligence. or at least people who think a lot/have philosophical tendencies. excuse me while i peruse this blog for the next few hours. lol -.-||


edit: although now i am a little bit existentially confused.  maybe existentially isn’t the right word but anyway… after going back and remembering that i had crushes on some of these people way way back, and then realizing that actually some of the people i liked later on actually have fairly similar features, i have to wonder… is it just that i tend to find people with those (quite opposing actually) features cute?  or is it because subsconsciously somewhere, people with those traits tend to remind me of these early crushes from my formative years? 0.o wut.  (though actually, i know there are a couple guys from even earlier than this… but i can’t remember their names very well, or their faces… just a general impression in the mind’s eye.  but i think yeah, even back then, it was the same 2 sets of characteristics that i thought were cute 0.o whoa, so weird!)