i wish i could put out a call – a kind of classified ad, if you will, to find people who i only met for some small portion of my life, but cannot find anymore because i don’t remember their names or faces.  “were you a chinese kid who i helped translate english to in preschool/kindergarten at [this school] in [this year], whose name was something like x or y?”  or “were you named [this] and went to this [school] at this [year]? we had classmates like x and y”, or “i can’t remember your name or face, except that you had an “x” in your name, and we used to play together and once we kicked over a hornet’s nest and had to run all the way across the field we probably weren’t supposed to be at to escape them.  though i’m not entirely sure that wasn’t a dream at this point.” i really want to remember this last one, partly to see whether that was a true memory or not, and also because it’s one of the few times i’ve actually forgotten even their first name.

you would think it would be fairly easy in this digital age to put something out on the internet and have people find it and connect. but that first requires that they see out out of this mountain of stuff, and that they even want to connect, or even remember you in the first place.  facebook is nice if the person has it, or uses it, but not everyone has one.  and even if someone invented an app for something like this, again, only people with certain proclivities would download/use it, and i’m not quite sure the people i am curious about would be interested in such a thing.