i feel like i’ve come to this point/conclusion all too much in recent years but… seriously, if you make even someone like me disillusioned w/ an organization that i’ve invested in to the point that i want to quit, you have some serious problems going on.  it’s hard for me to not take people at face value because i think i default to thinking that people are good, or at least reasonable and “pure” in their motives, because that is how i operate.  but recently there’s been so much that has made me question that.  people’s feelings and egos really are fragile things it seems.  i almost wonder if it would be easier to be in charge of one’s own career by being the CEO or w/e is the highest position of the company/business one is in because 1) you make all the important decisions, and 2) you can choose the types of people you want to work for and with you rather than having to be subject to the sticky mess of people who happen to be at the same place.  you could say that’s the more efficient way to do things.  but then it’s almost like running away from confrontations in a way, which isn’t good for growth either, so i don’t know. meh.

hm. i wonder if that’s why i get so emotional watching anime nowadays.  especially ones with the whole “power of friendship” type stuff that a lot of people scoff at… which basically covers most shonen (and shojo) manga.  just finished all of kuroko no basket, and even though there were quite a few things that i predicted would happen exactly as it turned out, still had quite a few trips down tear lane. T__T

also just watched the special for kuroko’s birthday. so sweet T___T  wish i had that kind of thing in my life.  anyway. time to sleep i think. bye!