hm. it must be around that time of month b/c i’ve been crying up the wazoo the last couple days with various animes, and it’s also the first time i’ve done so in church while moved by a song in quite some time…

i wish there was an anime that taught us how to deal with stuff that comes up in adult life… like dealing with red tape and bureaucracy, or difficult bosses/coworkers, or people trying to screw you over for no reason, or not being able to make things work no matter how hard you try, etc etc. actually that last one does seem to happen in animes a lot… you just don’t really see the actual months/years of struggle because there’s usually a convenient time skip for that period. -.-||

on another note, finally bought some (asian) veggies and cooked tonight, and it is so freaking good. i have no idea how people survive without veggies for longer than like a day or two.  do their bodies like… not feeling mineral and vitamin deficit?