i think part of what i liked about kuroko was that it was realistic. at least in the sense of there were injuries, and people had to sit out for most of the games sometimes, or there were stamina issues, or things like that. so it wasn’t complete ridiculous OP going at it all the time, and there were realistic struggles that the coach and the players had to deal with, like choices for when to return a player to the game (if at all) vs. the strong desire of the player (and the coach) to put the player back because they could turn the tide of the game to victory.  from a medical student standpoint, i really liked that, because it’s a really hard decision sometimes to make – is it worth putting someone in for a couple minutes for this one moment, and potentially cripple them for the rest of their life, or to potentially ruin their whole career? or is it better to let them recover more so they have a longer career, but they might lose their chance of ever winning a championship, for example?  personally, i would lean towards the latter generally speaking i think, because i think the long-term ability to enjoy the sport trumps a moment of (only possibly) triumph, but i know not everyone prioritizes things that way. so yeah, stuff to think about.

anyway, finally starting to be ready to re-enter work mode now i think this week.  wish me luck!