today was not a great day.  got called to watch a procedure, which was cool, but had no idea where the NICU was, so first walked to WP from the med school, asked the info desk, which told me to go to women’s and infants, which was basically a huge circle back, and then after i got to their NICU, they were like oh you need to go to the other one in NP, so had to go there. all told, 20 min walking in a huge circle and backtracking a ton, when i could have just made it in like 5 from my original starting point. -.-|| people need to not assume students know where things are, especially if they’ve never been in clinic really.  but anyway, so that was annoying. getting to watch my first IM procedure (arterial line placement) was kinda cool though – the intern doing it was also doing it for the first time, and she did it quite well.

at the end though, i suddenly had a sick feeling in my stomach – thought it was cramps at first, so left to go to the bathroom, but then i started getting light-headed almost to the point of fainting with my vision dimming and everything turning a light green hue… and then it was as if a numbing thing settled over my head and my ears became stuffed with cotton all of a sudden (or similar to what it feels like when underwater). that was the freakiest part… especially since i had a little of the ring in my eye again yesterday. really hope it’s not MS or something similar… :\  thankfully, it went away after a little bit, but yeah, scary.  felt woozy for quite some time after, but since i’d said i’d go to the tax place today, i went (right when the rain was coming down in sheets too – never driven through such a downpour and don’t want to ever again – it was seriously dangerous).

then, turns out the tax lady i was to meet had just left, so i had to talk with a substitute. which was fine… but then when i went to pay, the card reader didn’t work, so they tried jamming in the card/swiping it multiple times, until i was like uh, i think your card reader froze. and they were like “it was working a minute ago!” and i was like, why don’t you try restarting it. they couldn’t find the off button, so i was like we could unplug it and replug it. so she half-heartedly tried finding the cord (which to be fair it was a little difficult since it was wrapped up in one of those cord things), but to be frank, it was probably made more difficult because of her body type.  anyway, after a little bit of that, she gave up, and i offered to come around to do it, even getting behind her and the desk, but she refused to move over and let me unplug it, and said she’d just try restarting the computer.  so we had to wait for that, but in the meantime, i pointed out the outlet i thought the reader was connected, and offered again to do it, and this time she gave a reason saying “we can’t let you do that”, because it was company policy or something stupid like that.  and then i was like uh ok, well can you do it?  and she was like “no, uh uh, we can’t be doing that unless someone tells us to.” which doesn’t make sense because 1) you were trying to find out which cord to unplug earlier, why not try it, and 2) i bet tech support is just going to tell you to try the same thing, but you’re going to make us wait 10 minutes while you connect with them for no reason. which is exactly what happened (rebooting the computer, as i suspected, did nothing). and yeah, so finally she went down and unplugged it and replugged it, and what do you know, it worked.  thanks for wasting >30 freaking minutes of my time by not trying out the most basic of things! ugh.

and then i promptly almost got into 2 accidents – one right in the parking lot, and one while merging after.  the one in the parking lot was really annoying too, because one guy was backing out, so i waited for him, and i had already started going forward when the guy next to him started pulling out, apparently not even having seen me, so of course i honked and i even backed up a little just so he wouldn’t hit me because if i didn’t, he most likely would have. he ends up opening his freaking door, and yelling something angrily, then slamming his door and going back. i’m like dude, you’re the one in the wrong wtfrick.  i really don’t get why some people cannot just accept that they made a mistake, and instead of apologizing, get defensive. anyway. the 2nd one happened when merging lanes soon after – that one was due to difficulty of visibility in the rain, so it was hard for me to judge the distance of the car in the next lane – it wasn’t too close a call actually, but still enough to make me nervous, and i waved at the driver after in apology.

anyway, tired of writing up this post. actually had to stop like 3 times while writing – cataloging all one’s woes is kinda taxing lol XP. i did feel like i needed to get it down somewhere though – don’t think i’m up to hand-writing all of that in my journal tonight.  at least our rehearsal tonight got canceled due to weather, b/c otherwise i’m not sure i would have survived. ended up napping after i got back since i was still feeling kinda woozy, and then cooked dinner which helped me settle a bit more.  kk bye!