HOLY SHIZNET that guy is the WORST.  after i sent that e-mail to everyone revising the script, he sent an e-mail back this morning being like “great job [SPELLS MY NAME WRONG AGAIN]. my suggestion is that you practice, practice, practice, until it is smooth.”  SCREW YOU.  We already TOLD you we didn’t have time to practice, and you were the one saying “oh, it’s very little stress, just read it” etc, and now you’re trying to push us into doing more work for things you promised but didn’t deliver so all of us had to pick up your slack?! you should be freaking grateful the 3 of us didn’t just mutiny last night and be like forget it! figure out how to fix this mess on your own! and you can’t even be bothered to spell my name even ONCE correctly in your e-mails. wtfrick. talking about passive aggressive… i really just want to send him back a one sentence e-mail being like
“it’s [spells name correctly].” at the very minimum, they better have it spelled right on the freaking program.  i really wanted to deck him a little yesterday, especially since he kept on having such a smug face on.  it was really only for my friend’s sake, and the sake of all the performers, that i didn’t either do that or just storm out the door because this is NOT what i signed up for and i don’t have time for this B.S.