hoh~? just realized this should be an extra special year for the Chinese.  today’s 2/8/2016 = 8 is a lucky number, x2 = double luck, and 2*8 = 16. probably no one else really noticed that since i basically just made that up but i’m going to take that as a lucky sign for this year anyway ^.^

just finished FMA: Brotherhood, as well as went to read the last manga chapter (+ extras) to get a better comprehensive understanding of the ending.  definitely lots to think about, and the final answer was a little reminescent of the ending to inuyasha.  but yeah, good series, for sure.  and i also remember now why i liked roy, and roy/riza’s relationship (or implied thereof). again, i think it’s the similar relationship deal to what i’d like and what i lack, so that probably plays into it. been thinking again lately about friendships and stuff like that.  if nothing else, having a spouse must be nice (at least in the ideal case): even if no one else is on your side, or understands you, trusts you, or believes in you, you know there is someone who will.  (and yes, i know they won’t always understand you – no one is like God after all, but it is nice to know you will have someone standing by you, even if they don’t 100% agree with you). the kind of relationship built on mutual trust and respect, like roy and riza, or erza and jellal – that’s something to seek if one doesn’t have it, and to treasure if one does.