Finished reading the Bible 2 days ago (2/12/16) for the first time all the way through.  Started almost exactly 7 years ago (would be 7 years tomorrow), when I was baptized.  Kinda cool since 7 years is like a turnover point a lot in the Bible.  It’s kind of an interesting thing, because while I clearly don’t remember everything I read, I do know that I’ve passed over all the words at least once, and knowing that, I can be a little more confident when I am thinking about or talking about what the Bible actually does or doesn’t say in regards to certain matters than I used to. In terms of understanding and application of things, there’s still a long way to go, but I do think it’s cool that I can actually say I’ve finally read through the whole thing now 🙂  Just started Matthew again, and interestingly enough, starting from today, our church is going through Matthew again too, so that should dovetail nicely, concidentally.

oh yeah, happy valentine’s day too, i suppose haha. traditionally, this day is full of work and even when i have been in relationships, it’s either been an end or a not great day, so don’t have many particularly memorable moments of the day. i am eating quite a lot of chocolate though (bought a big bag from costco last week, and the week has been spent consuming quite a fair amount of them T__T)