today, our fish, whom we have affectionately named 逍逍, finally passed away. i’d received news that it was starting to float sideways a few weeks back, and looked up a lot of treatments for bladder infections and the like to try to help. trying to explain it all via text/phone was not all the way successful, but my parents did try. (dad kept insisting on holding it for a bit every day, which i personally think should be a stressful event for it, but he says it seemed to enjoy it so i don’t know…) the three of us who were Christians also prayed for it, and sis sent “good thoughts”.  it lasted actually quite a lot longer than any of us expected it would, especially given the fact that it wasn’t able to eat much at all the last couple of weeks.  but today it finally breathed its last.

you know, it’s kind of funny. when i was at home over winter, i actually made it a point to take a picture of it, for some reason getting an urge to do so just in case i wasn’t able to see it again. looks like that was the right call. unfortunately, at the time, the tank was pretty dirty, and i’d only used my regular camera with a quick shot, so it isn’t really easy to see. but at least it’s better than nothing. poor thing.

we’re about to give it a little memorial service in about 10 minutes. sis and i will be skyping in, as neither of us are home right now (though she is much closer physically).  i don’t even have a webcam here, sadly :(.  but it’s more important that we’ll be able to see 逍逍 than the other way around, so i guess that’s fine.  Bye for now.


well, we just gave 逍逍 its memorial service, and it is now buried in our backyard, appropriately near our “fountain”, and will be planted with a 枸杞 at its head for remembrance. thank you for being a part of our family for so long 逍逍. you have watched over our family for many years, and now we will watch over you. rest in peace, 逍逍.


it is sad. sad to think that it’s not going to be there anymore.  that the next time i come home, i won’t see it swimming around, or popping up to the surface every time i lift up the cover. sad to not hear the aerator bubbling through the night. it’s going to be so quiet. so empty. that tank will probably be put away – a big gaping hole right in front of the doorway where it used to be. funny how you never think about or pay attention to things that are even right in front of your face until it’s gone. funny how easily things are taken for granted. funny how i’m crying for a fish right now. that’s something you probably don’t hear everyday.