you know, people always ask me where i want to do residency – or in other words, if i had a choice, would i stay or go back to CA.  unerringly, the answer is go back to CA. there are many (in my opinion) good reasons for this: education, opportunities, the arts, culture, diversity… even things like weather, people (which culture/diversity somewhat touches on), and food (produce is so much fresher and plentiful there).  definitely, if i had to pick someplace with an environment i would want my kids to grow up in, there are pretty much no doubts in my mind that i would want to raise them near where i grew up.

however, i think i’ve actually reached an interesting tipping point.  or not tipping point, per se. maybe it’s more accurate to say i’ve reached a critical mass – a critical amount of friends/relationships i have made with people here that would actually make me miss this place/people when i do go back. granted, by the time i leave here, perhaps a decent number will already have left as well, but i think many of them will still be around.  and it would be kind of sad leaving them. so that was interesting to realize – that even though i may not have many friends here who i would consider “close,” there would be people i would like to see again if i ever visited this area after graduating. i guess i’ve started to adapt a bit.