……….. WHAAATTTT?!?!?!?! I was just re-watching the extra episode for kuroko’s birthday thing, and it happened to have both English and Chinese subtitles, so I noticed that when momoi was like “ki-chan” or “midorin”, it said 小黃 and 小綠.. and i was like oh that’s probably just bad translation, or they just decided to give nicknames based on their hair/eye colors. and then i was like no wait, it can’t be………. so i went and looked up “green” in japanese, and guess what it is? “midori”. and “yellow” is “ki”…… and i was like OMG WOW. LOL.  they are SO clever with naming aren’t they -.-|| it’s like how i felt when i found out yugioh was 遊戲王, which literally translates to “king of games”. so actually japanese names are pretty literal sometimes, and not original at all. lollll… but yeah, in case you’re wondering, blue = “ao”, purple = “murasaki” (was always wondering why his name was so long and unwieldy… now I know), and red (crimson/scarlet) = “aka”.  kuroko, of course, is based off “black”, like a shadow, so he’s the only one whose hair and eyes don’t match his name, but that’s probably because so many non-“generation of miracles” people have that coloring that they had to choose some other color to make it stand out.  kagami, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have any color associated, even though you’d think it’d be red, but “taiga” does sound like “tiger” – not sure if that was intentional or not.

anyway, that was the revelation of the day lol.  bye!