… with the first draft. of my first, first-author paper.  (i’m not counting the stimulant use one b/c it was co-written and therefore not really mine, and plus a whole bunch of other people were involved with that).  this one is mine. MINE. except for you know, all of the data collection part. just that little part.. -.-|| sigh. but yeah anyways. i’m sure there’s going to be a ton of edits to go, and my PI is going to be like what, it took you this long just for THIS?! but hey, when you have to learn how like 3 different assays were done, do all the stats on your own when you don’t know the first thing about stats really, as well as read like 40 papers on a field you know nothing about… then yeah. i think i’m ok with it taking a month or so. though, to be fair, i also wasted a fair amount of that time being frustrated at my lack of stats or other knowledge, and then subsequently procrastinating the pain (temporarily) away, so yeah.  anyway, 2nd night in a row working on this until 4am+, but at least it was better than this time last year, when i pulled a 2-weeker of literally 1-2 hrs of sleep a night.


… and then tomorrow = working to get out a “finalized” draft of that other manuscript = lots more lit searches again.  thankfully most of the meat has been done, and it also helps that the literature is pretty sparse in that topic, so hopefully it won’t take too long. <– famous last words.  that manuscript has already taken up way too much of my time ~.~||.  but at least it will be nice to sleep in and not have to worry about anything pressing on my shoulder for the first time in a long time.

oh speaking of which, i need to e-mail our bioinformatics person about working on a program, and still have to come up w/ a proposal for using my travel grant… gah. it never ends. >.<