have a massive lack-of-sleep headache, but had an AWESOME weekend, which is something i don’t say often. kami con was this weekend, and man does it make a difference actually having cosplay friends at a con. even though i only very briefly spent time with any one person, i got to meet people through other people, and it was cool being able to be like “hi!” at people throughout the con. it helped also that a lot of the staff/volunteers were people i worked with last year, since many of them stayed to help out again with kami this year, so i felt like there were people i could talk to/feel like i was being helpful to. blah i’m not really making sense because i’ve been not having nearly enough sleep but yeah. suffice to say it was a good weekend.

i WAS sad that i missed the cosplay contest, because that was actually the main reason i even decided to go to kami this year.  i wanted rufflebutt to be able to judge my sailor mars 😦  and GSTQ’s catherine also talked a lot about magical girls in her panel on patterning the day before, so i thought it would be cool that she was the other judge too. unfortunately, they had apparently already filled up with the 50 people limit by 11:30am, even though the schedule said it went until 2pm T__T i had gotten there around 12:30pm, thinking it wouldn’t be that bad (and i was only so late because i couldn’t find parking for half an hour, and finally had to pay the stupid $8 for the lot, which they only gave me even a not-real parking spot (like they directed me to the striped lines -.-||) so i missed my chance 😦  and at this point, i don’t think i want to do anymore (i hadn’t planned on doing anymore contests anyway – only wanted to for the specific judges this year).  but other than that, it was fun. one of my cosplay friends apparently even found one of my photos on instagram where someone had put that it was the best mars they’d ever seen and they’d “had their heart stolen” or something lol.  i was also surprised people even wanted pictures with the casual erza i put on on sunday, because i hadn’t really had time to do much but draw (really badly) the FT symbol freehand quickly on my left arm, and quickly cut up some blue fabric i got recently for her ribbon in front.  but some people liked it, and even met some of a cosplay friend’s friends who apparently love erza and FT too! so stoked to meet people who are such big fans of FT (and erza of course!) since so many ppl recently who i’ve tried to get started on it didn’t like it. though i really think part of that it their own fault… all of the ones who watched it in english stopped, but these two siblings watched it in japanese, and loved it. so there. hah! anyway… (though it is a little awkward when guys who are like >5 years younger than you think you’re cute and want to ask you out… or even ppl around one’s age when you’re like er, you’re cool as a friend, but i’m just a nice person – don’t take that as being romantically interested heh ^.^||)

ooh, sunday was also fun b/c one of the guys brought a set of speakers that he hooked up to his player, and he played the cuban shuffle and cha cha slide, and a whole bunch of us joined in dancing. it was mainly the akatsuki and me (as erza lawl, so super out of place – imagine a bunch of tall(er) guys in black or reddish/orange wigs in black robes with a random girl wearing a white shirt and long red hair in the middle of all of that) in the first dance, and by the second dance, like 1/3 of the main floor area was full of people dancing, which was awesome.

then, got to eat dinner at silvertron cafe for the first time w/ john (not bad), and then we watched the first few episodes of kuroko season 2, which was a good end to the weekend. 🙂  daylight savings was rather a killer though T__T, but at least it’s actually light out past 6pm!  in fact, today i waited in line, mostly outside, for like… 2+ hours for some pizza at a new pizza place here called Your Pie for pi day (3/14, or as they say “rounded pie day”, because you can round up from 3.14159 = 3.1416, which is today’s date haha), where they made 10″ pizzas for $3.14, and it was nice because even though it was almost 7pm by the time I got inside the building, it wasn’t dark out yet.  And I had decided to go since I had to do recycling today (they’re only open on Mondays from 4-6pm here), so I was like sure, might as well check it out. Took forever, but at least they gave us free gelato at some point while waiting.  And the pizza, when I finally got it, was pretty good, so yay.

also, now looking at the pics i took… i suck at taking photos T___T or at least snapping fast shots on the fly with a dslr. *cries*. oh well.