apparently it’s my anniversary w/ wordpress 0.o

anyway. random thought of the day: do guys really think girls are THAT oblivious when they’re trying to flirt and being somewhat ignored/shot down, or do they just still hope they have a chance?  i wish there was some way to be like um, just FYI, i’m really not that interested in you just so you know, w/o making it awkward. b/c you don’t want to presume that’s what the guy is thinking or trying to do if they’re not blatant or straightforward about it (some guys are really just friendly-flirty to everyone), but sometimes it’s also like this is somewhat painfully awkward… -.-|| i don’t know.  we’ll see.  currently there’s something like 3 guys who want to talk/hang out, +/- 1-2. 2 of them i’m like ok maybe we’ll just see what happens – probably not, but i’m at least open minded about it. the other i’m like i think i’m pretty sure he’s interested in that way, but i’m definitely not, but i’m don’t want to straight up randomly in a convo just be like, btw, i’m not interested in you that way, in case he just happens to be someone who just wanted a friend. blah. much easier w/ guys who were straightforward, like the guy who asked me out at dragoncon, much to my awkward surprise (but at least we were able to get that talked about there), and this other guy who asked me out the day after kami (who is also ridiculously younger than me so it’s a little like T___T, but he seems pretty cool so we’ll see i guess.  i do admire the fact that he seems pretty self confident at that age and is straightforward about stuff). anyway.